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Various Artists - the world's biggest selling band - to split

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Dave, Dee Dozy Beaky Mick Titch Stills Crosby, Hall, Oates, Emerson, Lake, Palmer, McGuiness Flint, Ernst, Young Gifted and Black and White Minstrels are to split, closely followed by the Isley Brothers, the Pointer Sisters, the Carter Family and Bachman Turner Overdrive.

Known in the music business simply as ‘The Various’, the supergroup boasts more album releases than any other band. Some members will fragment to form solicitors practices, while others will retire all together.

‘We just became too big’ said band leader Dave of Dave Dee Dozy etc. ‘It became increasingly hard to define our style. At one point we tried to decide on a single name, but the Jackson Five insisted it should be the Jackson Five, and as there were 327 of us at that time, we couldn’t agree.'

'We only toured once, in the seventies, and even back then we routinely outnumbered our audiences. At the end of each gig the bit where each artist got a namecheck and took a bow went on till the following day.’

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