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Vicars to to ditch dog collars and wear harnesses instead

A clergy cruelty campaign group has won a major concession from the Church of England after years of lobbying. Their campaign centered around the danger of strangulation from a dog collar compared to the far less harmful restraint from wearing a harness.

The campaign followed the sad death from strangulation of Rev Matthew Hoddell who when escaping naked from a family home after the wife returned home earlier than expected, scaled the 8’ garden fence and may have escaped unnoticed if the lead attached to the dog collar hadn’t become trapped between the fence pickets.

The CoE accepted that had Rev Hoddell been wearing a harness, the lead would likely have become trapped between the pickets, but the harness would have prevented the airway restriction that led to his gruesome death.

Both the father and mother of the boy the vicar was visiting have expressed their appreciation that a common sense decision had finally been taken.

image from pixabay

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