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'What about this weather eh?' say Britons when Gaza comes on the news

As Hamas and the Israeli government try to out war crime each other, many Brits would prefer not to think about the situation at all, hoping that somehow everything will be fine - even though it definitely won't be, because it already isn't.

A popular anaesthetic from the horror is Strictly Come Dancing. SCD's glittery facade dulls the lingering stench coming from the rotting corpse of hope. In a parallel fever dream, Craig Revel-Horwood sits in judgement at The Hague, giving the situation at best a 2 - the equivalent of a Les Dennis tango.

One woman admitted to not understanding why or how the situation in Gaza has unfolded. Rachel Rutherford said 'I honestly thought the Israelis were bombing ex England midfielder Gazza. I know he's had his issues, but that does seem a little heavy-handed.'

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