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Wild goose chase ends in success

A wild goose chase has ended in the successful capture of a goose by two sisters from East Sussex. Clutching the becalmed goose under her arm, the older sister, Ellen, said its capture was much easier than they had been led to believe it would be.

'We were expecting more of a run around, and though it did involve mountains, deserts and rocket-powered buggies, because Megan I had got all our ducks in the row beforehand, we were able to eventually close in on it in a pincer movement and catch it as it started to move off between us.'

When asked what they were going to do with the goose now that it had been caught, the sisters replied they were looking to perhaps acquire a male goose to test that often repeated hypothesis that what was good for the goose was indeed good for the gander.

'And,' added Megan, 'we might get lucky and one of them will turn out to be the one that lays that golden egg.'

Hat-tip Frank Optional

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