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NewsBiscuit is a free site. All contributors and staff give their time and creativity for FREE to support new writing. We do accept donations and all sales of merchandise and books, goes to support the running of the site.

NewsBiscuit exists to provide a platform for budding, aspiring and established comedy writers.  NewsBiscuit doesn’t charge for access and doesn’t plague readers with adverts (the adverts on the writing rooms only generate revenue for the host, not NewsBiscuit, but do allow us to have the writing rooms free of charge).

If you have enjoyed using NewsBiscuit, either as a reader or a writer (or both), then please consider making a donation using the donate button on the main website.  Even a one-off fiver or tenner donation will help to ensure that NewsBiscuit can continue to provide the service you have enjoyed up until now.  Regular donations are also very welcome. Many thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope you continue to enjoy the site.

Our annual for 2020-21

Available in Paperback and eBook.

Now available

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Our annual for 2021-22

With 100% less facts


‘Five stars? I thought I was reviewing a toaster’ – Amazon Reviewer


‘Although NewsBiscuit remains proud to have been Britain’s first daily news satire website, I am forced to admit that in the years that followed, others may have come along. Yeah, those bastards totally copied my idea of copying The Onion.’ John O’Farrell

‘All true’ – D.Trump

Classic stories from our archive

Available in Paperback, Hardback and eBook.

Coming Soon

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Our previous scribblings...

The rare - 'Isle of Wight to get Ceefax'. Available at your nearest car boot sale.

Old News

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NewsBiscuit – has done to journalism what flat earthers have done to NASA. It has redefined the word truth, beaten it to death and buried it in an undisclosed location. This collection of stories from 2013-17 walks a fine line between absolute twaddle and actionable slander. NewsBiscuit – real fake news. 

Welcome to Ye Olde NewsBiscuit Gift Shoppe – ‘abandon cash all ye who enter’


Turning left down a darkened alley, you spy an old curiosity shop – brimming with strange potions and unwanted bric-a-brac.  A half-lit sign swings precariously from flaking brickwork.  The letters WO-LWO-THS are obscured by crude graffiti declaring this to be ‘NewsBiscuit, purveyor of filth and lies’.  Inside you will find all manner of oddities, authored by our NewsBiscuit team.  Some of it barely legal.  Some of it barely legible.  Please browse from our exotic wares; including well-thumbed books, novelty gizmos and a bespoke collection of c$ck rings. 


UK fans of the iconic 1993 film 'Mrs Doubtfire' have the opportunity to see the 2022 reimagining of the story in musical form.  With words by Karey Kirkpatrick and John O'Farrell, and music by Wayne and Karey Kirkpatrick the musical opens on September 2nd at the Opera House in Manchester, running until 1st Oct.




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