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In 2021 Newsbiscuit launched its first ever podcast. No one asked them to do this. In fact, many signed a petition against it. But Newsbiscuit has never given in to the whim of the public or the advice of their accountants.  We have always been at the cutting edge of new media, which is why we have now invested in a Ham Radio kit and Betamax recorder. FAQs.


So, here are links to all our FREE Podcasts. Don’t say you weren’t warned.



Apple iPlayer Podcast

Amazon Music

We are also listed on Sticher, Pocket Casts, Deezer, Listen Notes, Podcast Addict, Rumble & Castbox.

All our podcast content is FREE.

For information on becoming a podcast guest please visit our 'Writers' Room' Forum

Morning Newspaper

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Last seen 2003.

If found, please return to T.Blair c/o The Hague.

Wanted Ads

White Kitten

But they are still cute.

We also have a otter who used to work for the Krays. 


Listen to John O'Farrell on 'My Time Capsule'

Beautiful Women
We did warn you

You might want to delete your browsing history



Get your photos of Richard Dreyfuss in a hot tub

Or Dick Cheney in hot water.

Dick Pics

No, we don't know what it is either

A spray painted vitamin?

Some incredibly insensitive diversity training event?

Colour Supplement

Watching TVs
It's all a bit shit really

Except Match of the Day and Bakeoff

Even then, I miss Alan Hansen

TV guide

NewsBiscuit's Horrorscope

Grandma with a Sun Hat
It's not your fault

It's probably immigrants

Remember a happier time, when you could be as racist as you liked.

Agony Aunt

Beach Bar
Remember them?

Instead its been two years at home with the kids

Why, God, why!?!


Definitely hire a gardener

Or concrete over it

It is not worth the hassle


Gourmet Meal
Cheese on Toast

Just saying.

Can't beat a bit of cheese on toast.


White Tree
Try looking out your window

Open your eyes

Yup, that's it.


R6f1f4c12d577fcd6585515ac10ab2032 (2).pn

Leo Sayer

The phone hasn't rung in months. Maybe now is a good time to change your agent?

woman-755548_640 (2).jpg

John Virgo

This month you will be mostly regretting getting into bed with Jim Davidson. As did his other five wives.

4033335_640 (2).jpg


You continue to have doubts about the Dewey Decimal System. This month, Science Fiction is your category of choice. 

man-1209137_640 (2).jpg

Methadone Addicts

Now is not the time to quit.

woman-5168474_640 (2).jpg


Why not stay in? That sounds like a jolly good idea.

man-5606196_640 (2).jpg

BMW drivers

This month why not try moderating your temper? Only joking, fill your boots!

farmer-walks-2141197_640 (2).jpg

Gemini Killers

Now is not a good time to start digging up the patio. 

man-1521953_640 (2).jpg

Tropic of Cancer

Still too hot. Seriously, whose idea was this holiday?

Large Theatre
Anything by Andrew Lloyd Webber is dreadful

There you go, I've just saved you £50 on a ticket

You're welcome


Beach House
Nobody has any

Except the Baby Boomers

And they keep refusing to die.


Probably too late to ditch them

Have you tried moving?

Why are you staying with them? It can't be just the bone marrow.




It's spelt Keir. Don't be so immature.

man-5029835_640 (2).jpg


Don't worry, emails are unlikely to catch on as a thing.

fish-2777953_960_720 (2).png


You need a good clean. As does Prince Andrew's internet search history.

1869761_640 (2).jpg


Can you eat cheese? What about gluten? How many husbands can you have?

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