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£6m mound of dirt 'absolute bargain' confirm London's 10k homeless

London's ten thousand homeless have unanimously agreed that a large lump of dirt is a brilliant way to spunk six million quid.

Ian, currently living between two bins behind the Oxford Street branch of Greggs, is absolutely delighted with the Marble Arch Mound: 'I was previously hoping that the local council might help me with a few of the basics like food and shelter, but now I've seen the giant hobbit hill in all its glory, I agree the money was much better spent on that. I climbed it straight away for the absolute bargain price of £8. It meant I couldn't eat for two weeks but it was totally worth it'.

The homeless community have already offered up suggestions for other thrilling London tourist attractions that councils could spend money on instead of them, including 'Fatberg Mountain' in the middle of Oxford Circus and an installation of 'Thin Air' in Hyde Park. The proposal for an expensive 'Waste of Space' was dismissed as it was pointed out this attraction already exists in Westminster.

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