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Angry viewers slam Sky Sports over its Open Golf coverage

Satellite broadcaster, Sky, has come under fire today from angry viewers incandescent with rage over its coverage of this year's Open golf championship.

One subscriber called a radio phone-in show, on nutters' favourite network, LBC, to complain. Richard Black, a xenophobic bigot from Canvey Island told Nick Ferrari: 'I have become accustomed to Sky's coverage and really like the way they do things. Their golf coverage is normally so much better than when that BBC loony lefty lot used to show it.'

But today has really annoyed me. There's far too much golf being mixed into the normal wall-to-wall gambling, money-lending and insurance adverts. If I wanted to see that amount of golf then I'd have gone to Carnoustie and stood there gawping at it myself. I'm missing Ray Winstone's over the top Cockney rasp. The wife loves them little Muskrats even though they ain't British.'

And roulette enthusiast Arthur Meadowes agrees: 'It's been awful. I have been trying to see what odds I can get on two flies climbing up a wall and it's just golf golf effing golf! Potentially I've gone and saved myself a fortune now. It's a bloody disgrace. '

Meanwhile bookies, Paddy Power, is offering to pay Sky an undisclosed sum if they 'tone down' the golf content for the remainder of the tournament and go back to its usual sports to adverts ratio; normally 98%-2%

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