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BBC announces new TV channel for the very old – CeeSeniors

The BBC have announced plans for a new TV channel to serve their oldest viewers. Provisionally called ‘CeeSeniors’ (although CeeNility is also being considered) the channel will provide customised and ad-free content for the over 80s.

A spokesman said, ‘We do see a gap in the market here. Our research tells us that many of our older viewers enjoy CBBC and Cbeebies, but that they can find the shows a bit noisy and overwhelming. In addition, these channels aren’t available 24/7.

‘Our research shows that over 80s are watching a lot of ‘slow TV’ on YouTube, nature programmes with cuddly animals as long as there is no hunting, killing or bonking, and programmes where very little happens, such as gardening shows, cooking shows and DIY shows. Older viewers dislike news programmes as they are so depressing. Actually, that’s true for all viewers, not just the old ones.

‘Our new CeeSeniors channel will provide comforting and cosy viewing around the clock. We have access to lots of aging presenters that we can rope in to record some reassuring voice-overs.

‘The final advantage for the BBC is that this vocal group of viewers will no longer be able to complain that ‘there isn’t anything for us to watch’.’

Photo by Yle Archives on Unsplash

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