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Coronavirus linked to James Corden

The World Health Organization has said it is closely monitoring the spread of James Corden throughout the globe. 'It starts with a nagging sensation that something is not funny, but slowly the senses become deadened,' explained one epidemiologist.

'Initially cases were limited to the elderly, infirmed or anyone too lazy to switch the channel over. With all his BAFTAs and Tony Awards, Corden seems harmless but be warned, post-infection it is a swift downward spiral,' cautioned the WHO official. 'Within hours a patient can find themselves admiring the sitcom skills of Ben Elton or even applauding Miranda.

Once exposed to Corden, the patient will find their resistance lowered to all forms of mild and insidious humour. In the final stages the condition is incurable, all that will be left to the patient will be a slow and painful 'Mrs Brown’s Boys'.’

(from 2012)


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