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Deaths from lightning strikes while on the phone rebound since PPI calls stopped

The number of people being struck by lightning while on landline phones at home has skyrocketed. During the PPI years, most people who still had landlines got fed up of answering calls urging them to make Personal Payment Insurance claims. Many simply stopped answering the phone. But now that such calls have declined, the number of people using their landlines again is on the increase, leading to more people being fried through their receivers.

The issue is not so much that more people are snuffing it this way, more that few people knew it was a thing in the first place. Roger Payne from Crewe said, "Sure, dad always said to unplug the TV from the aerial socket during a thunderstorm. But he didn't say 'owt about not getting on the blower and asking your mate across town if lightning was striking them 'n all. What the bollocks?"

A small number of clever clogs claim they always knew about Faraday cages, insulating footwear, and earthing. And not the earthing where weird perverts dig little holes in the ground and f@*k them. Like all golfers do. But an even smaller fraction of those people also knew that going to the toilet during a thunderstorm is only advisable if you don't mind a million volts up the anus. That goes for any water-adjacent activity in bathrooms and kitchens.

When out and about away from the home, however, toilets can be a place of refuge and protection. As every tediously experienced golfer knows, 'Any portaloo in a storm.' Although, that is regardless of the weather.

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