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Family shocked: 'We've got a bread maker?!?'

Despite the evidence to the contrary, the Begum family have denied all knowledge of the bread maker they have found at the back of one of their kitchen cupboards. The object in question, was discovered next to a series of other discarded items; a spiralizer, a waffle maker, a TARDIS centre console full of fruit and the NHS track & trace App.

Gathering dust, no one could remember purchasing said item, let alone using it. ‘When did we buy that?’ asked Dad. ‘Was it a deeply unromantic anniversary gift?’ quizzed Mum ‘Is it an old mobile phone?’ said one of the kids.

The Begums from Manchester, are not alone in wondering why they have an electric pepper grinder and what the hell is an avocado holder? What started as an attempt to clear out a cupboard, has now revealed enough space to a fit a spare bedroom, with an ensuite, which probably explains the TARDIS console, if not the fruit.

Remarked Mum: ‘It’s just another unwanted thing, taking up space in the kitchen’. ‘Just like me,’ agreed Dad. ‘Where do you put the SIM card?’ asked the kids, who had not been paying attention to any of this.

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