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Ken Livingstone to keep digging‏ for Britain

An aide remarked: ‘Given the choice between a harsh truth and biting his tongue, Ken will always tell you that Santa doesn't exist and your cancer is incurable. As an encore he will then offer to guess the weight of any woman in the room’.

Merrily sprinkling conversations with reference to Nazis, Mr. Livingstone has once more confirmed himself as the nation's edgier after-dinner-speaker and children's entertainer. There already exists ‘Godwin's rule’, but there is also ‘Ken’s law’, whereby if you let Mr. Livingstone talk along enough he will say something controversial. 'Dropping Hitler into a conversation is not always tactful. It’s like dropping the c-bomb at a wake. You know the deceased is a ****. The priest knows he's a ****. Even the congregation know he's a ****. But at least wait until his wife and kids are out the room before you say it'.

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