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Man calls 999 to report himself folding the washing incorrectly

Updated: Feb 16

A Knaresborough man has astonished police by calling 999 to report himself for failing to fold the washing properly.

North Yorkshire Police said the call came in just before noon on Monday from a man who said he was 'not folding the washing right and doesn't know what he is doing'.

The man who is in his 30s, told the call handler he was in Knaresborough and had 'a heavy weekend'.

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he had been admonished by his partner several times before, for not folding the washing to the required standard. 'I keep getting told off for it,' he said. 'Once she was at me for an hour. It were hell'.

Officers said he was well pissed when he was located 15 minutes later. As not folding the washing properly is not yet a crime, the police did not take any further action.

Asked why he called the police he replied, 'My wife had threatened to call them before, and I thought, I've been arrested before and its not that bad. Better than her when she's on a mad one.'

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