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Man has nervous breakdown trying to open liquid hand wash

A man has been caught in a serious altercation with a liquid hand wash after repeatedly trying to turn the pump action cap to no avail. Mike, 42, spent three days solid attempting to twist the lid in the right direction. He reportedly pummeled the hand wash to ‘within an inch of its life’ before eventually collapsing in a heap on the bathroom floor having suffered a mental breakdown.

Mike is now being cared for in a secure facility. His partner, Kate, saw this coming for a long time: ‘If it hadn’t been the hand wash, it would have been the child-proof cap on the mouthwash or the allegedly ‘resealable’ pasta bags. Mike was constantly plagued by his inability to work basic packaging. He did his best, but unfortunately he suffered terribly with clumsy sausage fingers so it was only a matter of time before it pushed him over the edge.

The worst part is that he didn’t realise the hand wash was actually one of those refillable tubs so it didn’t have a pump action at all. He was trying to achieve the impossible. What an awful waste – it was the expensive stuff too’.

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