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Mick and Keef share thoughts on The Rolling Stones 60th anniversary commemorative stamps

Rolling Stones founders, Mick Jagger and Keith (Keef) Richards, say they're delighted, following news of the upcoming release of new postage stamps commemorating the band's sixty years in the music business.

Speaking to reporters they shared some thoughts. Mick said: 'I never thought it would last this long, it's amazing. When we put the band together it was like tumbling dice and it could've gone either way. And you know, in those early days we often couldn't get no satisfaction. Getting noticed was though. But we were only kids, and personally I thought time was on my side.'

Keith Richards shared some early memories too. 'At first, the loneliness was tough. Once, when after a poxy gig at little club gig in Bognor, I sat in a scabby B&B room and felt 2000 lightyears from home. And that wasn't the last time. But life on the road also had its compensations. No denying there were often honky-tonk women with nearly every one of them saying, let's spend the night together.'

The last word went to Mick who added: 'Sometimes you can't always get what you want, but on balance it's been a blast. Wild horses couldn't drag us away from it. At the end of the day, it's only rock and roll (but we like it). '

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