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Middle-aged Dungeons & Dragons aficionados still not getting the respect they deserve

While other 80's pastimes such as Tetris, rampant capitalism and heroin have achieved respectability, fans of D&D are still derided as bespectacled geeks. A Dungeon Master commentated: 'A good player needs a unique skill-set of poor hygiene, an obsession with statistics and willingness to dress up as Gandalf the Grey.

‘I’ve a comprehensive list of achievements from slaying the dragon Tiamat, to getting spit-roasted by a gang of wood elves. I’ve levelled up while orc-bashing, dwarf-baiting, goblin-twerking – and I still live with my parents. Look, D&D is celebrating its 40th anniversary- and coincidently, so is my heavy metal t-shirt and my virginity’.

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