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Nation thought disgraced DJ was sacked years ago???

Nation thought disgraced DJ was sacked years ago???

In what is described as ‘Yewtree déjà vu’ radio fans were left confused over which 70’s entertainers are still at large. With so many names and so many crimes to choose from, it is easy to see how the continuity of shame gets muddled.

One cringe worthy Disc Jockey is very much like another, with minor variations in hair piece, dental work and wandering hands. Most witness testimonies now have a generic quality, causing ‘that creepy fella off the telly’ to become the criminal description of choice. Said one victim: ‘The only people you could trust backstage in the 70s were The PG Tips Chimps and St Winifred’s Choir – and only then, when the chimps had not been on the beer’.

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