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Professional Red Herring regrets career choice

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

Professional Red Herring, Luke Soguilty has opened his heart about his choice of career. "When I left school, under something of a cloud of suspicion, I didn't have any idea of how to earn an living."

"But then, by chance, several rich relatives died in mysterious circumstances. I say 'mysterious', but the police arrested me simply because my alibi was rubbish and I happened to own a similar harpoon gun to the one that killed 8 of them."

"Luckily, an eccentric but brilliant detective swooped in and proved it was actually a freak accident from a passing ship - unusual in Wolverhampton. I inherited a small fortune and I also got a 6 figure settlement for wrongful arrest and I thought this could be a steady job."

"But it's proved a nightmare; every time someone gets poisoned in a country house, I get arrested - I really wish I hadn't taken up a part time job as travelling fugu fish chef."

"I went on holiday to the Caribbean after the payout for that one, but got involved in a murder mystery simply because the victim had been heard shouting 'don't kill me Luke Soguilty of Wolverhampton!', a few seconds before he decided to shoot himself then hand me the smoking gun."

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