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Soupy soupy night...

Soupy soupy night Oxtail on a starry sky Watch the minestrone fly And mingle with the chicken broth with dill Splattered on the hills Lentil covered daffodils Sweetcorn stains and chicken spills Released in fury from the student's hand I don't understand What they're trying to say to me Must we all suffer for their vanity? Policeman, please don't set them free They want attention but they don't know how Perhaps they'll grow up now

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Chris Hudson
Chris Hudson
Oct 18, 2022

For they didn't know you, the artist's broken heart

And when those children shared their plight

Like infants, screaming at the night

They cursed the raging beauty of your art

But you could have told them Vincent, their act denies the love that all your paintings still impart.

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