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Speeding up as someone is over taking you and other ways to be a driving god

Few have what it takes to be an absolute driving god. Do you? Take our quiz to find out:

1. When someone overtakes you, do you: a. Maintain a steady speed b. Slow down a little so they can pull back in easily c. Speed up and almost cause a head-on collision because being over-taken is a personal insult which must be met with the harshest retribution

2. When finding a parking space, do you: a. Drive slowly and calmly waiting to find a good spot b. Pop into the first space you see - anywhere will do c. Become immediately irate that other people DARE to park in a designated parking area and you leave your car across TWO disabled spaces as punishment

3. The roads are busy and you are forced to travel approximately two miles below the speed limit. This is likely to mean you will arrive at your destination 20 seconds later than you hoped. Do you: a. Mumble your irritations quietly under your breath b. Do nothing, it's nobody's fault after all c. Go completely f*cking nuts and drive as though you are Sandra Bullock in Speed and a bomb will go off if you drop below 60mph

4. When driving behind another vehicle, do you: a. Maintain one car space b. Maintain two car spaces c. Drive right up their arse, flash your lights and shout obscenities until the idiot gets out of your way

5. What is your view on personalised number plates? a. Only complete w*nkers have them b. Indifference c. Totally brilliant


Mostly A : You are a pathetic driver. Catch the bus from now on.

Mostly B: How do you even have a driver's licence?

Mostly C: Congratulations! You are a driving God! Other road users must bow to your superior driving ability!

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