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Sunak: 'Bombing Yemen or just exporting potholes?'

The British pothole industry is booming, with domestic production through the roof – or through the tarmac, depending on how you look at these things – after the Conservatives savagely slashed the funding to local councils who would normally fix them.

Inspired by Israel turning the Gaza Strip into one giant pothole, Rishi Sunak, an Apprentice candidate masquerading as Prime Minister, told Lord Sugar that he is now in the business of the 'exporting' potholes. When Sugar responded that Sunak was 'fired', Sunak glumly replied that his working assumption was that he wouldn’t be fired until the second half of 2024.

Sunak’s stature & poll numbers often give the impression that he is already standing in a pothole. He is rumoured to be taking the idea to Dragon’s Den next.

image from pixabay

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