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Surprise gifts now all in charity shops

The surprise gifts opened on Christmas morning and received with grateful thanks and a little bit of bemusement have now all made their way to charity shops. Anyone who wants a mini desktop anything at all or a novelty festive thingamabob or Christmas themed doohickey should pop down to their local charity shop and select from the vast array available. The predictable gifts received on Christmas morning have all been eaten or put in the cupboard for use soon. The King of predictable gifts, the big Toblerone, which gives itself away by its distinctive shape when wrapped up, has been eaten in front of World’s Strongest Man and Toblerone fans will now go back to buying themselves the smaller everyday Toblerone from Poundland. Surprise gift purchaser Mandy Profligate was quoted as saying, 'I like buying people something they wouldn’t get for themselves,' while predictable gift buyer Samantha Useful said, 'Just because it’s Christmas people don’t suddenly want a bottle opener in the shape of a dolphin or some wine glass charms featuring pendants with tiny models of different cheeses.'


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