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Threat to U.S. national security is National Security Threat, says U.S.

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A threat to U.S. national security is a National Security Threat, says a representative of the House of Representatives in the U.S.

A top Republican today warned of a 'serious' national security threat, that seriously threatens the security of the nation .

A memo sent to members of the House of Representatives on Tuesday night provided few additional details, noting only that the 'urgent matter', which matters, and is urgent, is 'in regard to a destabilising foreign military capability', which is the military capability of a foreign destabiliser. Also that the urgent matter matters urgently.

The Senate Intelligence Chairman, a man who sits in the chair of Intelligence for the Senate, said in a statement that the committee 'is discussing an appropriate response with the administration', and that they will 'administer a response, as appropriate, after discussion in the committee.'

Further announcements are expected at a date to be announced.

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