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World’s worst boyband to re-unite for farewell gig

In a moving tribute to their former frontwoman, the abysmal boyband ‘Princes’ will reunite for one last performance.

The new frontman is the artist formerly known as Prince (of Wales). Best known for speaking to plants and an emetic line in sexy phone conversation, Charlie doesn’t sing, dance or play a musical instrument, but he’s still, somehow, the band’s most talented member.

Andy, the ‘randy’ member of the group, has returned to the fold in a move reminiscent of the final scene of The Blues Brothers. It remains to be seen whether he will welcome Illinois’ law enforcement community to the gig. Andy had left to pursue a solo career and not, as some had claimed, to evade justice and the FBI. Andy has left a trail of broken hearts across America, some of whom are now legally eligible for a driving licence.

Another returnee is Ginger Prince, who famously broke Piers Morgan’s heart when he married the beautiful Meghan. Piers Morgan maintains his belief that Meghan should be his because “I saw her first and called ‘shotgun’ “.

The band has a few other members but we can’t be arsed to recall their names.

image from pixabay

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