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Active pensioner told to take it easy

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Ethel Harbord from Peckham has been told by her doctor to take it easy for a few days. The pensioner will be staying at Sunnyview nursing home but is expecting to attend the WI cake sale later this month. She is reported to be in good spirits but “disappointed” that the planned visit to her daughter and son-in-law in Bognor cannot go ahead on Thursday.

One of Sunnyview’s longest residents, Ethel has attended a series of events in recent days including a front seat at the all-in wrestling and as a judge in East London’s annual whelk eating competition, where she was a past champion, as well as hosting the East End ladies’ Kray twins appreciation tea party on Monday afternoon. She had spent most of the week-end at the dog track as usual.

It was revealed earlier in the week that Ethel had declined Butlin’s glamorous grannie invitation saying, “Bugger off! I’m 95 you know”.

A spokesperson for Sunnyview said Ethel was reluctant to accept the medical advice but that they’d slipped something in her port and lemon that should keep the old battle axe quiet for a few days.

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