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Bill and Ben sacked as PM's speechwriters

In a surprise move, Boris Johnson has cut the ties with two of his most successful speechwriters, Bill and Ben, otherwise known as The Flower Pot Men.

The cult children's television stars made a successful transition to political speechwriting in the early 2000's, as the royalties from the original TV shows started to dry up, and the show cast younger, more dynamic 'pot men in their stead.

Since then, they have successfully worked with a number of MP's on both sides of the House, culminating in an exclusive 10-year deal with Boris Johnson in 2015. This deal was abruptly cancelled earlier this week, for no obvious reason.

The duo have levelled furious accusations at the PM claiming he has shamelessly plagiarised the Flower Pot Men's style, and made it his own.

An agitated Bill, strings visibly quivering with indignation, made the following statement -

"Flob-flobble-flob-a-flob-a-dob-flob-flobblemop-mob-mob-obble-pobble, flob-obba-flobble, flobba-mob-a-flobble-bobble-flob. Flob-plobble-nob-a-flob. Flobobble !"

"Flob-flobba-flob-flob-flobble-flob-flobble" added Ben, shaking his head slightly in the curious manner of marionettes everywhere, "flobababpaplap bobble flop"

"Flobba-flob-dob-a-flobba-flob-Pfeffel-peffle-flob-lob-a-dob" continued an angry Bill

"Knob" confirmed an irate Ben

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