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Blockbuster movie to be filmed in a single day

A Hollywood studio plans to make a complete blockbuster film in less that a day, harking back to the days when film studios could turn out three or four films a week.

The new film will be part of the Fast and Furious franchise – probably number 17, but that’s not been decided yet.

An insider told us that the film could be made quickly by using left over footage from other films in the franchise and generic footage of car crashes. The whole thing would be held together with voiceovers and by filming a few linking scenes. Movie goers who like their film sequels to be reassuringly similar are expected to lap it up.

Industry experts say that, regardless of the quality of the end product, the film can be expected to take up to $800m at the box office. An Oscar nomination for the franchise is considered long overdue and this might be the film to win it.

Photo by Behrooz on Unsplash

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16. Feb.

Perhaps some double beds in the back row of the Cinema would also increase ticket sales?

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