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'Here's to Dave - in life, a complete shit, in death, a fruity bouillon'

Updated: Jul 17


"Here's to Dave - in life, a complete shit, in death, a fruity bouillon" (from FlashArry)


When the strikers first started the picket line there was an actual hospital behind them (deskpilot)

Julia quietly wondered why her friend Barbara insisted she drink from the silver flask first and not from her own flask. (Scott Young)

On the same day every year, deep in the woods, a portal opened into the 1970's. Only Beryl and her gran knew of it. Gran had always made shit coffee. (mcdabble)

She hoped her friend would say "when," before the flames reached her jumper. (mrlemoncurry)

"Could we be in the wrong place? Because this counter-offensive is going easier than I thought." (jeremy_howell10)

"Right,that's the degenerate filth purged from the Hundred Acre Wood : tomorrow, Trumpton!" (FlashArry)

The witches of Dorset's youth chapter had a new challenge. No cauldron, no broomstick, and no credit cards.


Sally and Jo waited by the fire until nothing was left of the driver who had left them both needing neck braces (sirlupus)

Government unveils its new social housing programme. (Martyn Casserley)

Both realised this idyllic moment would be destroyed once they started to erect the tents (FlashArry)

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