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Charlie Watts ‘drove London bus’ throughout Stones career.

‘Get on a 270 bus at Wandsworth and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Charlie at the wheel’, revealed a childhood pal after the news of the Stones famously down-to-earth drummer’s passing. ‘He never forgot his bus routes, despite the fame and wealth. Even in the middle of a UK tour he’d sneak off to go down Lambeth Garage and climb aboard.’

‘Even when Mick and Murray Unfaithful were getting in deep in the interplanetary confectionery business, Charlie’s preference was for a small portion of whelks. Even when Keef joined the Taliban cos he liked the funny clobber and their prices for smack were reasonable if you bought in bulk, Charlie preferred a shandy and a three piece worsted from Cecil Gee. And while other drummers needed local authority planning permission to set up their drum kits, Charlie was perfectly at home with a family-size Quality Street tin and some chop sticks, hence his inimitable pared down style and his fondness for hard centres. And he was married to his Mrs throughout their time together as man and wife, even when the rest of the band succumbed to the charms of ‘gropies’ and one night music stands and all spent the night together.’

Now Watts will take his place in the Repercussion Hall of Fame alongside Keith Moo, Bloody Rich, Ginger ‘Biscuits’ and that one from the Police who isn’t even dead yet.

Image by Jordan Holiday from Pixabay

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