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Child gives vicar grief over naivety story

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

A child dressed as an angel was sent by her school to ask a vicar, a simple, yet perplexing question which her teacher was unable to answer satisfactorily.

The question: “If there was no room at the inn for the baby Jesus, where did the 3 kings stay?”

The vicar explained that the kings arrived several years later, however this didn't satisfy the angelic child, who then wanted to know if that was the case, why Wayne Dodds who was playing the part of a king, was allowed to be in the naivety play manger, because he keeps tugging her pigtails.

The vicar is understood to have told the child not to believe everything her teachers tell her...

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Rodger Cunningham
Dec 05, 2021

I'm just going to sit here and assume that "naivety" is a deliberate etymological pun ...

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