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Cop refuses to have collage of murderer on his wall

Despite pressure from his superiors and the weight of tradition, one police officer said he had no intention of taking his work home with him – particularly as he had recently redecorated. ‘I know everyone else has one,’ the grizzled detective remarked. ‘But images of blood-stained locations. A weapon or two. A complicated web of photographs and coloured bits of string. It’s just not my thing. My wife said go for a nice magnolia and she was right.

‘I have no plans to take a morbid fascination with this case, which then causes me to alienate my family and drink whisky alone. If anything, when I get home, I like to unwind with a nice game of Scrabble and half a glass of shandy. And on weekends I mow the lawn.’

‘There are no silhouettes next to the phrase 'Mr. Big', followed by a question mark. If I wanted a collage, I’d put up one of my kids’ school pictures – where art is the only thing being murdered.’

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Jul 27, 2023

Wot! No wank bank?

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