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Courtroom artist's rendition of defendant stunningly accurate

Readers of the Daily Express and the Daily Mail were able to recognise the picture of Danny "Fingers" O'Toole drawn by Sarah Robinson during cross-examination at the Old Bailey.

"Blimey, it's the dead spit of him," claimed Nosher Curtains of Bexley Heath.

Asked how she achieved such a fine likeness Sarah replied, "Well, I did study life drawing at the Slade. At first I thought that the sketches were meant to be unintelligble to protect the identity of those in the courtroom. But the Usher told me that was not the case. So I let my natural abilities have free rein."

Why, therefore are most sketches so bad? "Dunno, really. Maybe other artists want to get the reputation as the Francis Bacon of the court scene".

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