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Essex man misses the end of Dry January

'I was sitting at home on Sunday evening, unable to focus thanks to the lack of alcohol, wondering how else I could quell my fear of another bloody work week, when I realised it was almost halfway through February,' said Tom, 54.  Tom entered Dry January in the spirit of the month - after drinking all the spirits in his flat at the end of December. But he forgot to stop not drinking on the 31st January.  'It nearly happened last year, if you count resuming on the fourth of January as going on too long,' he said.  'This year I really dug deep and decided not to hang a calendar up in January.' 

Tom congratulated himself on a job well done, cleared his local Bargain Booze of hooch and booked his 2024 sick leave in advance before going on his first bender of the year.  He said that the stomach pump operator was very understanding and that his eighteen hour wait in A&E was fine, as he got his the first decent night's sleep in over a month, admittedly lying across three plastic chairs.

'I don't think abstinence should be limited to just January,' he said, 'In future, I plan to give up drinking every other Tuesday for half an hour.'  

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