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Five Go Dobbing In the Neighbours now available in print

We’ve leaned on the publishers to ensure the print versions of ‘Five Go Dobbing In the Neighbours’ are ready for release in time for ordering and receiving in time for Christmas, in case any of you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, the best Secret Santa anyone could wish for or you just need something to help you reach the top shelf, this is the book for you.

At over 500 pages, and available in hardback and softback versions complete with over 800 subs and 24 pages of one-line gags, the NewsBiscuit annual is the book everyone will want to keep in the smallest room of the house.

With contributions from just under 100 NewsBiscuit authors the book chronicles twelve months of NewsBiscuit fun and satire. Five Go Dobbing is likely to be the Cabbage Patch kid of comedy books this year. Hardback versions are printed in the EU – remember them? – and can take up to a week to arrive even with Amazon Prime so don’t leave ordering your copies until the last minute.

Unfortunately due to a technical issue Amazon are listing the hardcover version as not available at the time of posting this notice. Apparently it an issue affecting recently published hardcover titles in the UK. It can be ordered from the French, German, Spanish and Italian Amazon sites now if that's where you prefer to buy from, but until Amazon resolve this issue we can only buy the paperback version or wait. Technically we could order from one of the European sites (the UK doesn't seem to have hardcover printing capability within Amazon at the moment so when you do order it will come from one of the EU publishing centres anyway) but we're not sure how that will affect shipping costs, especially for Prime members.

We will advise on the main site and in te Chat room when we are aware of a change in status on this issue

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