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Is this the way to Amarillo? No, this is the road to hell

An independent Texas would make assault rifle ownership mandatory, confirmed a not-at-all insane local Republican official on condition of anonymity. The spokesMan With No Name needlessly fired a Colt 45 into the air before condemning the fictional Republic of Gilead as a liberal swamp.

Failure to openly carry at least one handgun results in a sentence of death, to be conducted by The Wild Bunch at High Noon. Abortion would be illegal but The Good, The Bad and The Ugly unwanted children could be legally gunned down, as long as they themselves were armed. Once Upon a Time in the West being black, gay or Mexican will be Unforgiven, but chewing tobacco into a spittoon could earn a reprieve.

Including the piles of science textbooks being burned, everything is bigger in Texas.


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