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Kid on bike definitely going to pull a wheelie

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

The surly but confident teenage boy riding a bike on a busy road is definitely going to perform a massive wheelie that goes on for ages, it has been confirmed.

Even though there is a huge queue of traffic both ways and very little margin for error, he will imminently go just onto his back wheel and seemingly effortlessly maintain balance at improbable speed for a considerable distance.

Your respect for his feat and your nostalgic flashback to the last time you did the same thing will conflict with your instinctive disapproval of him breaking the Highway Code and concern that he might clip your wing mirror, sources suggest.

The boy also has confirmed plans to eyeball anyone who looks like they might be questioning his decision and/or abilities from the safety and warmth of their Ford Focus, notably you, boomer.

image pixabay/pezibear

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