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Lib Dems caught in custard-to-landfill scandal

The Liberal Democrats have been caught dumping non-recyclable custard at a landfill site, in a sting operation set up by a leading newspaper.

Journalists have photographed Lib Dem party workers at the landfill site while they were dumping gallons of fake custard. In addition, a cast iron victorian bathtub was taken to a recycling centre and left for metal recycling. Senior Lib Dems have denied involvement in the affair and say that the activities were not officially sanctioned by the party.

It is believed that the party was planning one of its famous by-election stunts in either Kingswood or Wellingborough, in the expectation of an exciting win. When it became clear that the Lib Dems were not going to win either seat - or get any publicity at all - the props were dumped unceremoniously, suffering a similar fate to Ed Milliband’s notorious ‘EdStone’.

The Lib Dems have denied suggestions that Ed Davey was to have appeared – either naked or fully clothed - in a bath tub full of custard, for a low rent photo opportunity. They have also denied that they planned to use the slogan ‘Lib Dems – giving the government their just desserts’.

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