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Lord Haw-Haw to be the exciting new face of GB News

Legendary wartime broadcaster Lord Haw-Haw has been recruited as a presenter on GB News in a bid to bolster its flagging ratings. ‘I am sure everyone will enjoy a nightly hate-filled ramble presented by a pseudo-aristocratic drunkard,’ said chairman of GB News.

‘Lord Haw-Haw will broadcast his rants from a dark cellar in Hamburg on a barely audible, short-wave radio frequency. In that respect, it will be quite similar to the show I put on in that sinister, black-walled bunker which I use as a studio.’

GB News has released a pilot episode of the show that they plan to call ‘Lord Haw-Haw’s Hoo-Hah’. ‘Our regular viewers – Sid and Ethel Barking from Penge – might think Lord Haw-Haw is a bit too much of a europhile, given that he bangs on so much about the unification of the continent under an Aryan super race. But I think they will warm to his moderate conservative views about the need to imprison deviants and make the trains run on time.’

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