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Man who went out to get take out was in, came out, and is now in again

‘The problems begin with people going into fast food outlets and ordering take out food. At the point they leave the takeaway with their take out food, they are in safe territory. They have fulfilled a mutually understood agreement. If they trough the lot sitting on a park bench, they are still within acceptable parameters. So too if they nosebag everything on the way home.’

‘But if they return home with all or some of the take out food and 'bring it in', then there is an issue of the 'take out' food transitioning to 'take in' food. Was there always an intent to bring it home? Should it have been referred to as 'take in' food from the outset?’

‘Far more serious than this, however, is the increasing trend of people ordering 'take out' food without actually moving location at all. At no point in the whole process do they physically 'take out' the food. It is believed that third parties, or 'delivery companies' are bringing the food to them. At the very best, the food could be called 'get out' or, more correctly, 'bring in'. And for those living in flats above the ground floor who refuse to pop downstairs to collect it, 'brought up food'.’

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