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Model disguises herself as Burberry hand luggage

With a waif-like physique, a model can save on travel expenses by camouflaging themselves as luggage, sending themselves via airmail or simply turning sideways to avoid detection. Although technically lighter than ‘a bag of marshmallows’, most models are substantially larger than the 56 x 45 x 25cm permitted and will take some folding.

One flight attendant revealed: ‘Our suspicions were aroused when we noticed various spindly limbs poking out of the overhead locker’. Police issued a statement: ‘We can confirm that a tartan-clad stickwoman was removed. Unsettled passengers first reported what they thought was a discarded Bay City Rollers scarf ‘with legs’. We’re also appealing for the information about the whereabouts of Kate Moss, who was last seen in lost luggage a fortnight ago’.

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