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Mother of All Bombs – as disappointed as any mother

With the withering wrath that only a mother knows, a bomb was dropped on an Afghan tunnel complex, with the attached message 'You never phone me'.  Unleashing the full fury of her disappointment, the US weapon was specifically designed to flush out, then 'guilt-out', enemy insurgents and forgetful sons.

Despite not wanting ‘to be a burden to anyone', weighing in at 9,800kg, the 'MOAB' is the world's largest non-nuclear device.  The bomb itself is 9m long and capable of demanding to know why the leader of I.S. won't trim his beard, tidy his room or settle down with a nice girl?

MOAB has said she is saddened by all these martyrs and not a grandchild in sight.  She confided: 'All this talk of jihad is killing me. Well, it's killing him and his career. Fundamentalism?  I suppose it's an 'ism'. But what's an 'ism' it's not an 'ology'.'

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