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Mumsnet fury over nuclear testing

Online parent forums were aflame with criticism that Kim Jong-un was asking North Korea to sit a thermo-nuclear test far too early, without proper preparation for key stage 2.  Teachers reported that primary children as young as 6, were left in tears having to collide nuclei and subatomic particles under stressful exam conditions.

Mumsnet is full of parents complaining that their child is concerned about radioactive contamination and getting into an outstanding secondary school. The recent atomic test is said to be significantly more challenging than previous tests - somewhere between C.S.E. Metal Work and Hiroshima. Kim Jong-un had already angered parents with his strict uniform policy, draconian detention policy and his inflexible use of INSET days. Fumed one mother: ‘I tell you, North Korean missiles are not the only thing going ballistic right now!’

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