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NASA rover discovers Starbucks on Mars

NASA's Perseverance rover has discovered a Starbucks coffee shop on the surface of Mars, in the clearest indication yet that the red planet has been home to life willing to pay ridiculous prices for hot drinks.

"This is a startling discovery that proves Mars has hosted life. And not just any life, but life intelligent enough to take a cup of coffee, give it a fancy name and charge an extortionate price for it in order to exploit less intelligent life." said Ken Farley, chief scientist for the project.

"Unfortunately this may well be where our mission ends, as Perseverance, in an attempt to secure samples, purchased a Venti caramel java chip frappuccino and a small chocolate brownie, pushing us massively over budget."

A spokesman for Starbucks explained that, while they were not personally aware of the company having locations on other planets, the news was not a surprise.

"Perseverance landed on Mars around seven months ago. In line with our aggressive expansion policy I would expect at least one or two new stores to have opened up there in that time. The only real shock is that it has taken this long for it to find one."

Shortly after discovering Starbucks the rover also sent back images of a Costa, McDonald's and four separate Subway stores.

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