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NewsBiscuit annual - Earth to be Recycled - on sale now

They've only gone and done it again, despite the court order. The editorial team at NewsBiscuit have compiled another anthology of stories, one-liners and cartoons covering an otherwise quiet twelve-month period in the UK and outside world with fake news, news which should have been fake and sometimes just something that feels funny. The last bit was aimed at the last remaining GP in UK, just in case they're working today. The stories might make you laugh, they might make you cry, but at least they haven't crashed the economy - yet. We have Prime Ministers for that!

Over 1000 short stories and more than 200 headlines culled from the daily output from September 2021 through to the end of August 2022, all put together in a cynical ploy to fund the UK's oldest and best fake news website - NewsBiscuit exists to provide a writing outlet for hundreds of established and aspirational comedy writers and to post a daily dose of humour designed to distract tens of thousands of people from working, restoring the economy or otherwise making a useful contribution to society - 365 days a year, most years (we stretch to 366 days a year now and then for reasons we haven't quite understood).

Earth to be Recycled is available in Hardback £17.99, Paperback (£8.99) and eBook (£4.99) exclusively from Amazon. The print versions make great Christmas presents and in the New Year, when we're all sitting in the dark relying on candles, will satisfy your daily NewsBiscuit fix while the internet is searching for your dead router!

Also: Five Go Dobbing in the Neighbours and 15 Years of Typos are now both priced at £1.99 each in eBook form on Amazon. Download all three books onto your Kindle/phone/tablet and as long as you can keep your device charged in-between power cuts you'll have enough laugh-out-loud reading material to last until World War 3 starts or the end of the Conservative party, whichever comes first.

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