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OED R&D jobs safe for another year

In order to keep themselves in a job, the Research and Development department at Oxford University have once again announced a plethora of new words to be added to their best selling book – The Dictionary

These new words include:

· Eco-tistical – When a person has such a massively inflated sense of self-importance, that they believe they can do absolutely anything they want and blame it on a sunny day or a bit of snow. This activity often brings society to a halt but that’s okay because that’s apparently what nature wants

· Promance – A relationship which develops between two individuals within the workplace – usually a boss and their favourite subordinate. Love has been replaced with opportunism. Examples include Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner

· Crapitalism – When capitalism goes on a wonk

· Cyclepath – A remorseless person with a sheer lack of empathy for other road users. Often displays criminal tendencies including, but not limited to, ignoring traffic lights. Vehicle of choice is a bicycle

· Poolution – Raw sewage which has been allowed to enter the river system, resulting in campers having lumpy tea

image from pixabay

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