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Office worker still thinks manual labour looks relaxing

Gazing at workmen assembling scaffolding outside his office window, Joshua Millingsworth (29) told all within earshot, that working class people don’t have a care in the world. Based on years of anecdotal non-scientific research, Joshua concluded that labourers were damned lucky not have to deal with spreadsheets and were clearly as happy as pigs in shit.

In an ever-so patronizing, some-what too loud, voice Joshua declared: ‘It’s like glamping but without the ghastly music. All that fresh air, hmmm? And it’s cheaper than joining a gym. They’re all at one with nature – look, that fellows got a neck tattoo shaped like a duck!’

Admiring the zen-like state of one hod-carrier, Joshua concluded that there was no better way to de-stress; than to experience the hydrotherapy of getting rained on, the nutritional benefits of a Greggs’ pasty or enjoy a powerwalk backwards and forwards to a skip.

‘You’ve got yoga stretching as you assemble the scaffolding and endorphin highs every time you slip. These guys have got it made; I bet they don’t even know what RSI is?’

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