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Olivia Colman makes public appeal - can anyone remember where she lives?

To coincide with the release of her latest film, Wonka, ubiquitous actress Olivia Colman has asked the public if anyone can remember where she lives.

”It’s my own silly fault really, never being able to say no to offers of work,” she told reporters today. “It means I just go straight from one film set or studio to another.

”And then the other day, I was thinking maybe I should take a break and spend time at home, and I realised I couldn’t remember where I live. Not even vaguely. I think there was a little garden and a blue front door… or was it red? Or green? I think maybe Ben Wishaw lives nearby, but that doesn’t really help since he can’t remember either.

“I was thinking Bermondsey sounded familiar, but then I realised that was where my character lived in The Night Manager. Did you see me in that? Such a subtle and understated performance. I can only applaud the critics for realising how good I was.”

The appeal is aimed at members of the public who may have seen Colman entering or leaving her home, or perhaps visiting a local corner shop. “Though not in the last ten years, obviously, since I haven’t been there.”

Asked whether she’d really go home if she could, she replied “Well… to be honest, maybe not. It might be relaxing for a while, but I’d be so furious with myself if a film came on the telly and I wasn’t in it.”

image from pixabay

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