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Outrage as Taliban newspaper publishes cartoons ridiculing dead Swedish cartoonist

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Protests have erupted in capital cities across Europe as thousands took to the streets to riot over some bizarre and badly drawn cartoons published in the Taliban's favourite newspaper, the Kabul Gazette and Echo.

Police have been involved in the usual predictable running battles with the demonstrators outside embassies, and the level of violence has been horrifying. As they've not been able to find any Afghan flags, people have been burning Afghan carpets in protest at the questionable depiction of a Swedish man who drew unfunny things with a pen.

'We didn't think anyone would notice, to be fair,' said the paper’s Deputy Assistant Ayatollah and chief breakout nutter. 'The cartoons were tucked away in the small ads, next to musical instruments, the submachine guns and the shampoo advert. The western media picked up on it and the whole thing just cascaded.'

Police have advised owners of Afghan hounds to keep them inside until things die down a bit, as they cannot guarantee their safety.

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