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Pakistan's new 'Alton Towers style ride gets 5 star review

Reviews are in and the new Alton Tower's style ride high in the hills of Northern Pakistan has got stunning reviews from its 1st time riders. The new attraction in the remote region of Battagram, in Pakistan’s northwest, has been named 'Suspense' and it really lived up to its name. Whereas most rides of this type are over in a few minutes, 'Suspense' offered its riders literally hours and hours of adrenaline filled fun.

Speaking in an exclusive to Newsbiscuit, lucky initial rider, Shittin Miself revealed, "Unlike other theme parks, there was no queue or height restrictions for the ride. We didn't even have to strap ourselves in or anything. It was very laissez faire to be honest. I wasn't all that impressed at first but I hadn't realised what the ride involved. In fact the promotional material was very vague. And to be honest I can't read so it didn't really matter."

"So when the first cable snapped I was like 'wow' I didn't expect that. And then when the second cable snapped well that was just amazing. Then the canopy started to sway. It was brilliant. Normally these rides don't live up to the hype but we got fantastic views, a great sunset, helicopters, abseiling commandoes and then a final ride on a zip wire. Just mad. I can't wait to do it all again. Inshallah."

image from pixabay

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